Property Valuation


Property valuation is a service that requires a huge price data, human resources with a high level of professional experiences. The FCC provide to clients with information about the value of property with high reliability for each evaluation purpose.

  1. 1.      Objects of property valuation:

-          Types of land: residential land, agricultural land, garden land, lands used for production and business, special-use land and other land...

-          Building construction, construction erected in land (including properties connected to the construction): townhouses, apartments, villas, schools, hospitals,...

-          Land of a project land.

-          Factory, trade center, tenement, office building,...

-          Restaurants, hotels, resorts,...


  1. 2.      Valuation methods:

-          Sales comparison method

-          Cost method

-          Income capitalization method


  1. 3.      Purpose of valuation:

-          Trading, transferring assets.

-          Equitization, trading, merger & acquisition (M&A) ...

-          Joint venture, establishment, transformation or dissolution of the enterprise.

-          Mortgages, guarantees, bank loans.

-          Accounting book keeping operation, asset liquidation, insurance, compensation, clearance...

-          Determining the value of assets, investment projects, brand values ...

-          Valuation of property in service of investigation, adjudication, division, property dispute,...

-          Proof of property for study in abroad, tourism, immigration, cooperation, capital contribution...

-          Liquidation of assets, debt offset, ...

-          Other valuation purposes ...

  1. 4.      List of documents related to the property valuation:
    1. a.      Documents for land:

-          Documents proving the right of using land such as: land using right certificate (red book) or certificate of land using right and house ownership (pink book) or other documents;

-          Sales and transfer contracts (if any);

-          Declaration of registration tax;

-          Documents on inheritance, donation... (if any);

-          Other relevant documents (if any);

-          Documents on building construction, foundation objects and assets erected in land;

-          Certificate of ownership (if any);

-          Documents on purchase, sale, donation, exchange, liquidation, or sell-off of assets (if any);

-          The decision of the court or the decision of the competent authority that has taken legal effect on the ownership of the asset (if any);

  1. b.       For building construction:

-          Building license;

-          Construction completion drawings or design (if any);

-          The cost estimate or construction settlement dossier (if any);

-          Contracts for construction and installation of works;

-          Technical design documents and cost estimates (if any);

-          Minutes of checking, acceptance of the stage (if any);

-          Documents, records of handling arise, change (if any);

-          Other relevant documents (if any).



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