Inspection of quantity and condition of commodities

The purpose of this inspection service is to ensure that the customer is confident that the goods are shipped out under the specifications on the contract.

The buyer or seller may request the visual inspection services immediately after the signing of the purchasing contract to ensure that the goods have been shipped out in accordance with the contract requirements.

This service is performed at the time of loading/unloading of the transportation means and determining the characteristics of the goods through random sampling (according to the sampling method appropriate to each item) to check the goods conform to the specifications and characteristics of the product as described on the sales contract.

In the carry out this inspection, we will also check the packaging and markings of the goods. Checking the packaging and markings of the goods to assure that the goods are packed in accordance with the transportation process. We will check the date of production, batch number, expiration date (if any), code, packaging details, supplier's certificate and markings.

The specifications or qualities of the goods can not be determined by vision, such as the grade of the steel to be confirmed when the seller provides the documents to prove. Unless otherwise stated, the FCC will not accept these documents.

The purpose of this service is to ensure that the goods are loaded into the transportation means in good condition and safe in the during transportation. This service is applicable to all types of goods that does not include lost or damaged goods due to loading/unloading or storage.


Inspector perform the following procedures:

To check the means of transportation to determine the suitability for receipt of the goods, by checking dry, clean cargo holds, ventilation systems and separate loading arrangements…

To report about packaging, markings, packaging (bulk, carton, etc.) and if possible, will tally and check with the vessel to see Mater's Receipt if there is sufficient.

To report of the goods shall indicate how and when the cargo is loaded and the exact position of the goods on board the vessel negotiating on issues such as vessel stability, inclination, loading point steam, ship displacement, etc.

To report the type of vehicle, the name and/or number of the means of transport, the place where the goods are stored before being loaded into the means.

To report immediately to the appropriate office if there are any unusual occurrences such as damage of goods, loss of goods, improper arrangement, delays in loading and so on. Taking the photos as evidence for cases that have occurred.

To record schedules including date and time of loading, date and time of loading queue and the reason for queue delays, loading capacity, weather, rainstorms, dirt, wind loss, volume goods in the wharves, etc.

To report the estimated arrival time and departure time of the vessel.

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