Supervise of Installation of Machinery, Equipment Line, Works


In a market economy, an equipment line of the processing can be manufactured from a single manufacturer or can be integrated from multiple components and manufactured by different manufacturers. When designing the equipment combination to form the production line, the design engineers will make the selection of equipment from different manufacturers to form the complete production line. To identify imported equipment for industrial projects that are parts of a complete production line or not - FCC helps customers to perform synchronized inspection of machinery and equipment.


Purpose - Inspection services of synchronization of machinery and equipment:

Certification the synchronization of imported machinery and equipment - It is the basis for the buyer and seller and the parties involved to take over and liquidate the equipment purchase contract.

For the purpose of calculating import duties (the equipment belonging to the same production line imported under the project will be exempted from tax)

In conformity with the requirements of quality state control in the process of importing and exporting equipment and machinery.



The equipment and machinery in the production line, the system of synchronous equipment, the production line, the combination of import/export equipment for industrial projects.


Service scope:

FCC is a provider of professional inspection services in the field of industrial inspection in general and inspection of the synchronization of machinery in particular. The jobs to do to verify the synchronization of equipment as follows:

Checking the imported materials of equipment: B/L, P/L, sales contract, design, technical specifications of equipment.

Inspection of packaging, labeling and markings, quantity, conditions of components of the production line in the import process.

Supervision of the installation process

Witness the running test of the equipment

Evaluation of synchronism of equipment (synchronous in terms of speed, capacity, productivity, other technical specifications...)

Report and issuance the inspection certificate on the synchronization of equipment


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